ESSENTIAL FREE French Travel PhraseBook Vegan 

Essentials + BONUS Cheeky French Slang

Includes Printable Phrases You NEED to Know in French + Vegan Essentials + BONUS Cheeky Slang Only Locals Know

free french travel phrasebook with vegan french food and french slang

What Do You Get in This PhraseBook?

✅ Essential Phrases and Printable Keywords that Will Make Your Trip to France a Breeze

✅ Numbers, Months, Days in French

✅ Travel Essential Keywords and Phrases

✅  Dining out in France with Dietary Restrictions (great for vegans!)

✅ Foods to Avoid in France as a Vegan

✅ Vegan Food and Ingredients List in French- A Must

✅ BONUS Vegan Essential Groceries + Essential Phrases Like how to Order Vegan Food at a Restaurant

✅ BONUS French Slang Only Locals Know They Won’t Teach You in a Classroom