Welcome to Gimme Confetti. Hey there, my name is Latifah from Kuwait. Before you get any ideas..

No I did not grow up riding a camel to school. And no, no oil in my backyard well. At least not that I know of. And sadly don’t live in a tent. I know, what a killjoy!

I believe in having a good time, and doing what I love. Currently located in France, I’m a vegan and I enjoy food and travelling. Yes, it’s possible to go travel as a vegan. I will show you how.

My motto: I don’t really care what you are just be a good one.

Gimme Confetti was born out of a need for plant-based food and vegan travel guides to accompany you in your travels all over the world. And no, you will no longer need to worry about what you will eat!

Here you’ll discover vegan recipes, restaurant reviews, articles about travel tips and not to mention the coolest spots!

Let’s embark on this delicious journey together, one vegan dish and travel adventure at a time.

Want to Contact Me:

I feel like this should be a thing. If you contact me, drop me a joke- if you’re feeling adventurous. We all need a good laugh. And I will try to respond with one. Otherwise no pressure.

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