2024 France Festivals & Events You Can’t Miss [To Plan that PERFECT Trip]

Picture this: You’re on the verge of planning your dream trip to France, but you have no clue where to start. How would you even know the best time to go? And what the best France festivals and events are? That’s where my “France Festivals and events” calendar steps in. No more sifting through endless […]

Lyon in Winter: The Complete Bucket List you NEED

Lyon in Winter Impact-Site-Verification: 35f913b1-6aa3-4cbb-90e7-29fa915eba40 Picture this: In the heart of winter, Lyon transforms into a winter wonderland. The city’s old-world charm takes on a new, enchanting persona under a blanket of snow. Streets glitter with a fresh layer of frost while the warmth of the cuisine and the captivating exhibits found in the citys […]

Lyon Hidden Gems & SECRET Places you NEED to See

I’m all about going off the beaten path and discovering hidden gems and secret spots when I travel. Lyon has its share of cool secret places that I’ll share with you. In French, there’s a word- “insolite” – that doesn’t have a direct English translation. It means “out-of-the-ordinary” or “unexpected”. And that’s exactly what you’re […]

The ONLY First Timer’s Guide to Vieux Lyon You NEED (Lyon Old Town)

Picture this: you’re walking through cobble stone streets that have been around for hundreds of years. Each step you take is like turning the pages of Vieux Lyon’s amazing past, through centuries of medieval and Renaissance history PLUS dope secret passageways. If you’re visiting Lyon then you can’t MISS the Lyon Old Town. I’ve visited […]

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