The Best Black Friday Deals for TRAVEL Bloggers to SAVE a Ton

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You’re armed with a cup of hot chocolate and cozied up in your comfiest spot. You’ve got a list of desires you’ve been looking forwards to scoring but they always seemed so far away and distant. Those desires are no longer coveted items but affordable realities.

Head’s Up: A lot of these are still up so grab them before they go way.

That, my friend, is the magic of Black Friday – the day when prices drop like confetti, and every click brings you one step closer to retail euphoria. This isn’t even about a selfish buy (ehmm nothing wrong with those) but an investment in your blog and long-term future. Moving to a new hosting plan is a serious decision. If you’re running your blog on a free theme, this is the best time to LEVEL UP.

Also if you’ve been eyeing any neat plugins and websites that will make your blogging life a JOY- now is the time.

Here are the best Black Friday Deals (and Cyber Monday) for travel bloggers, small business owners, and entrepreneurs you can’t miss. I’ve listed some of my personal favorites, as a travel blogger, as well as the best deals right now.

Head’s up: this is a long guide PACKED with information, if you’re short on time save it for later by pinning it here!

This post may contain affiliate links at no extra cost to you, I may earn a small commission. This allows me to keep this blog going and provides you with free content. All opinions are my own.

The Best Black Friday Deals for Travel Bloggers

Travel- Black Friday Deals:

#1 NordVPN:

NordVPN is a VPN I use when traveling and for privacy.

When visiting new countries some people have experienced their Pinterest account hit by the spam filter. To avoid, I use NordVPN on my phone. You can select with country you want and connect to that server super easily.

Why I like it:

  • I can access content from around the world.
  • It protects my privacy and virtual location and shields my IP address.
  • You can use on phone, mac or pc

It’s very straightforward for someone like me who’s not very techie!

Grab 69% off + get 3 months extra

#2 GoPro:

Have you always dreamt of capturing your wild travel adventures and adrenaline packed moments? Maybe this is it. Unleash your inner Tarzan with GoPro (yup I said Tarzan).

Grab $150 discount off cameras

#3 Insta360:

I’m sure you’ve seen them in some YouTube videos. They’re those awesome 360-degree cameras.

Grab up to 30% off Insta360 Cameras

#4 GetYourGuide:

If you’re in the travel industry you’ve probably heard of GetyourGuide. I use them for my blog. They’re a popular platform offering a ton of travel experiences with discounts.

Grab up to 50% off awesome travel experiences

#5 Travelpayouts:

If you create any sort of content online, Travelpayouts is a big one for affiliates for travel bloggers.

Grab higher commissions and a chance to win an iphone 15

Online Courses- Black Friday Deals:

#6 Pinteresting Strategies 2.0:

I’ve taken Carly’s Pinterest course, and it really changed how I create and promote my travel pins on Pinterest. I learnt so many things I was clueless about. It’s for both beginners and more advanced folks. It’s also been sold 10,000 times (for a reason).

Grab 20% off at checkout (until November 25th) with code BF2023

#7 Stupid Simple SEO:

This is one of the most raved about SEO courses, available for a limited time. The course open on November 27th (for 5 days).

Sign up to be on the waitlist and receive a 20% discount code

Black Friday- Online Tools for travel bloggers:

#8 Hostinger:

Enter one of the best black friday deals for travel bloggers. Hostinger is the web hosting platform I use. It’s inexpensive with the best value services I found.  

Uhh now it’s EVEN cheaper for Black Friday. Wish I had gotten mine back then.

I recommend the business plan (which is what I have) for at least 2+ years. After that the price goes back to normal- so def take advantage while you can.

Grab 85% off Hostinger starting at $1.99/mo + 3 Months Free

#9 Lyrical Hosting:

This is one of the most highly recommended hosting by bloggers. In any of the Facebook groups I’m in people are always raving about them. I haven’t tried them but apparently their offerings and customer service is amazing.

Grab 15% off their Hosting Plan

#10 Kadence:

Kadence is a popular crowd favorite lightweight WordPress theme, now up to 40% off.

Grab up to 40% off

#11 Wprocket:

WpRocket is the most popular speed plugin tool amongst bloggers to increase your website’s speed.

Grab 30% off (This is their biggest discount)

#12 Pixistock:

Pixistock is a resource for stock photos, but also a community online. Have you ever seen those cute, laid out, girly laptop desk photos with fancy erasers. Yes, chances are they’re from Pixistock!

They’ve got a content planner for your blog, 8,000 stylish stock and lifestyle photos, over 6,000 premium canva templates, 30+ Marketing Masterclasses to GET AHEAD, and a 24/7 private group.

Grab their Black Friday Deals Here

#13 AppSumo:

I’m a member of AppSumo (it’s free). Basically, it’s like a platform offering lifetime deals for various online business tools. As a travel blogger, it’s always important to be on the lookout for new products that can make your life easier.

So far I’ve purchased 3 things from them. (1 paid and 2 free- and I’m loving it). You can SAVE a ton with the lifetime deals.

Grab Appsumo’s Black Friday Deals

#14 DepositPhotos via AppSumo:

The DepositPhotos deal is one of the things that I snagged on Black Friday. It’s the best value for stock photos I found. Def. stock up on this. While it doesn’t really have low key destination like small French towns it will cover the big cities. It’s 100 photos for $35. That’s only 35 cents the photo. A bargain.

You can get the deal as many as you want and stack them up. I bought 2.

When you get it from AppSumo (unlike their website), the credits don’t expire by the end of the month, so no pressure to use them all.

Grab the Deal Here

#15 Linktree:

You’ve probably seen those link landing pages on Instagram and other social medias. Yes, that’s Linktree.

Grab 2 free months of Linktree Pro

#16 Lasso:

I’ve been eyeing this one and plan to get it for a while now. All the BIG guys+ gals in the blogging sphere have been saying how good it is.

Lasso is a popular tool for affiliate marketing that bloggers use. It helps you track affiliate links in one place + it designs those very sleek product displays you’ve seen.

Their sleek and simple design are known to encourage more sales to your affiliate products. Lots of ppl have increased their sales with this.

Grab 25% off Lasso

#17 Tailwind:

I use the free version of Tailwind to post my Pinterest Pins to communities and increase re-shares. The free version is limited to 30 posts per month (which is pretty limiting) so I am def. considering getting the premium plans now that black Friday is here.

Grab 50% off any New Annual Plan

#18 ShortPixel:

ShortPixel is an image optimization tool for your website photos.

Grab double credits for Black Friday

Email Marketing Tools- Black Friday Deals

#19 Mailerlite:

I use MailerLite to handle my newsletter emails (free plan). It has an easy interface and I find it more affordable compared to other options. Plus, it’s free for the first 1,000 subscribers.

Grab 90% off your first month OR 33% off annual Advanced plan

#20 ConvertKit:

ConvertKit is another email marketing tool that helps you manage and automate your email campaigns.

Save 30% on the annual plan

SEO Tools- Black Friday Deals:

#21 Keysearch:

Keyserach is another tool I’ve been eyeing. It’s a popular and inexpensive SEO tool. I’ve heard it recommended by big bloggers as well as smaller ones. It’s great value, and a fraction of the price of Ahrefs. Now it’s even cheaper, just for a few days, at 40% off. A Bargain!

Grab 40% Black Friday discount with code: BLACKFRIDAY

#22 SurferSEO:

SurferSEO is another SEO tool for your website.

Grab the Black Friday deal here

#23 Mangools:

The SEO platform Mangools is offering a 35% Black Friday discount.

Grab 35% off Lifetime

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best black friday deals for travel bloggers

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