Debunking 9 Weird French Stereotypes (From a Local): It’s Time for Revelations

So you’ve probably heard of a ton of French stereotypes. But which of them are true? And which of them are “poudre de perlimpinpin”? Having lived in France for years here’s what you should know. Note: this is a post shedding light on the diverse and nuanced reality of French culture. This is just my […]

25+ Best Vegan Food in French Supermarkets you Need to Get Your Hands on Now

Vegan in France Although you might not think of France as a vegan haven for dairy-free and meatless groceries right away, there has been a surge in products aimed at vegetarian and vegan consumers. I am optimistic that the vegan market in France is growing, and you will see more and more vegan grocery store […]

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