25+ Best Vegan Food in French Supermarkets you Need to Get Your Hands on Now

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Vegan in France

Although you might not think of France as a vegan haven for dairy-free and meatless groceries right away, there has been a surge in products aimed at vegetarian and vegan consumers.

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I am optimistic that the vegan market in France is growing, and you will see more and more vegan grocery store products on your shelves and in your kitchen.

As a local vegan in France, I’ve handpicked the best vegan food in French supermarkets that I regularly purchase. And to save you from hours of continuous scrolling, I’ve selected all my favorites that, whether you eat meat or not, you have got to try!

If you’re vegan or simply trying to add more plant-based and meatless meals into your diet, then this product guide of 24+ supermarket foods is just for you.

The Best Vegan Food in French Supermarkets

#1 Vivre Vert’s Les Fondants Végétal

Vivire Vert- Fondantes Vegetales Vegan France Cheese

If you’re craving a French vegan raclette then don’t miss Vivre Vert’s Les Fondants Végétal.

Raclette is a French dish consisting of melted cheese served on top of potatoes and typically accompanied with charcuterie and pickles.

This vegan cheese is not overpowering and melts very well.

Top tip: Serve with a sautéed vegetable and mushroom side and on top of a boiled potato.

Available at Leclerc, Carrefour, and specialized vegan stores.

#2 La Boulangère’s Pain au Chocolat

B'Vegan vegan pain au chocolat La Boulangere france

Next up an incredible at home veganized pain au chocolat to fulfil any craving with warm gooey chocolate. It comes with 6 individually wrapped pain au chocolats.

When you open the sachet, they look very banal and industrial however do not be deceived… *enter golden tip*

Freeze them and then pop them in the oven at 180 c (360 Fahrenheit) for 10 minutes. Freezing allows for an extra flakiness of the layers. These are soo good with the melty gooey chocolate- they taste like ones from a boulangerie. A good boulangerie.

B'Vegan vegan pain au chocolat La Boulangere france

3. Boursin Végétal Cream Cheese Spread

boursin vegetal vegan cheese spread france

This is the cheese spread with garlic and herbs you never knew you needed that will up your sandwiches game. The texture feels like a ricotta cream cheese and the flavours are great with the garlic being not too overpowering.

I tried another brand with almond milk and the same garlic and herbs but was not impressed at all. This one definitely gets a repurchase from me.

Available at Auchan, Monoprix

4. La Vie Bacon (Lardons Vegetaux)

La Vie Lardons vegetaux fumes vegan bacon france

WAIT why are you eating bacon, it definitely doesn’t sound halal? Haram police hold your horses. This bacon is halal.

In fact, I first tried it at Hank’s Burger in their hanki-flette. A play-off of tartiflette- a popular French Alpine cuisine prepared with potatoes, bacon (lard), onions, and reblochon cheese.

Read it all here: Don’t Miss the Best Vegan Burger in Paris and Lyon

It’s smoky, savoury and will satisfy your guilty pleasure when your body has had enough of healthy vegan dishes and just wants that vegan junk food.

Top tip: Add it to quiches, pizzas, mac and cheese and salads for satisfying savoury goodness.

Available at Monoprix and specialized vegan grocery stores

5. Sojade’s Rasberry Passion Fruit Yoghurt (Framboise Passion)

Sojade Framboise Passion France vegan yoghurt rasberry passion fruit

If you are in love with tropical flavours (was going to say exotic but corrected myself. I know- cringe. It’s important to decolonize your mind). Anyhoow if you appreciate anything that is acidic like passion fruit, pineapple, and rejoice at the mere acidity of green apples, then this vegan yoghurt is for you! 

Made from soy it’s a great protein source and tastes delicious. And it makes for a healthy dessert. I always have a pot in the fridge.

Top tip: Serve with muesli, coconut flakes, almonds, bananas and fresh fruit.

Available at Naturalia and most organic (bio) stores

6. Green Cuisine Nuggets Végétaux

Green Cuisine Nuggets Vegetaux Findus Vegan France

These meatless nuggets from Findus are hand’s down some of the best I have ever tasted, even compared to non- vegan nuggets. I always have these in the freezer for late night lazy dinners.

Available at the frozen aisle of Leclerc.

7. Lotus Biscoff Spread

lotus biscoff spread vegan france

If you know this pate a tartiner then you know it’s no secret. Most people don’t realize it’s vegan. It looks and has the same consistency as peanut butter but has the delicious taste of speculoos biscuits. Hmm.. it does contain palm oil. Hopefully they will do something about that in the future.

Spread it on toast, bake in cookies or just eat spoonfuls directly from the tub.

Available at most general grocery stores

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8. Naturalia Tofu

Naturalia tofu vegan france

This is the best price point I have found for organic tofu in Ile-de-France. I get the 500 grams and use it for all my vegan cooking.

Available at Naturalia

I use it to make vegan baith tomat- a tofu staple in my house. Recipe is linked below.

arab tofu scramble bayth tomat kuwait vegan

Make it: Vegan Baith Tomat (Arab Tofu Scramble with Tomatoes) from Kuwait

Side-note: Lidl also sells organic tofu at a competitive price which is available at most French stores (I just can’t seem to get my hands onto it in Paris). 

9. Violife Grated Prosociano

violife grated prosociano cheese vegan france

This is a great cheese with a strong flavor and great taste. It’s a must! I love adding it to pasta, it adds so much flavor.

Note: it does have a strong-ish cheese smell so if that’s not your thing I recommend Nourish grated cheese which is less overpowering although saltier.

Available at Leclerc, Carrefour, and specialized vegan stores

10. Picard’s Grilled Vegetables (Légumes Grillés)

Legumes Grilles Picard Vegan Frozen Vegetables France

This frozen vegetable stir-fry consisting of zucchini, eggplant, pepper and onion is incredibly tasty. It’s easy and super convenient to cook when you want something quick on the go. Yum.

You can add to pasta, pizza and quesadillas.

I’ve used it to make delicious quesadillas. Recipe linked below:

Easy and Quick Halal Vegan Quesadilla recipe

Make it: Easy & Quick Vegan Quesadilla

Available at Picard (exclusively)

11. Ikea’s Plant Balls

Plantballs ikea vegan meatballs france

While not exclusively French, these plant balls made from pea-protein from Ikea are so tasty. They taste so much like real meat even your non-vegan family won’t be able to taste the difference.

Add these to pasta with some tomato sauce and vegan cheese or serve with rice and some vegetables and voila you have your meal!

ikea plantballs recipe vegan france

Available at the frozen food aisle in Ikea

12. Sojade Nature Yoghurt

sojade nature plain vegan yogurt france

This is my go-to soy yoghurt I use for cooking vegan recipes. It contains no sugar which makes it great for savoury dishes.

Don’t you just hate when you buy plain yoghurt, but it tastes sweet, except you need it for salty dishes. What the heck! You won’t be having that issue with Sojade Nature.

It contains no sugar and 4.8 gram of protein/ 100 gram.

I’ve used it to make the dressing for a Brussel sprouts warm vegan and gluten-free grilled salad (pictured below).

Recipe: Vegan Brussels Sprouts Tahini Salad (gluten-free)

vegan yogurt brussel  roasted sprouts recipe

Available at any organic (bio) store and most vegan specialized stores.

Found for €1.48 at Naturalia for a 400 g tub.

13. Heura’s Mediterranean Pieces (Emincés Méditerranéens)

heura eminces mediterraneens vegan pieces france

These vegan and gluten-free Mediterranean pieces from Heura are delish! They are high in protein, iron and vitamin b12.

These are great inside sandwiches and tacos. Add them to pita bread with vegan mayo or houmous and some tomatoes and lettuce and you’re good to go!

heura eminces mediterraneens vegan pieces france recipe shawarma

14. St Hubert Organic Vegan Butter France (Bio 100% Végétal)

st hubert bio vegetal vegan butter france

This is the best vegan butter in France I have found without palm oil. It works great for baking.

I’ve used it to make ‘Mathilda meets Amelie Poulain’ Chocolate Vegan Cake (pictured below).

vegan st hubert butter cake france mathilda cake chocolate

Available at most grocery stores: Leclerc, Monoprix…

15. Alpro Cooking Alternative to Culinary Cream

alpro cooking vegan france

This cream is great for cooking in soups and creamy sauces. The consistency is thick but still pourable.

Use it in savoury dishes but also for baking.

Great for the creamiest hot chocolate!

I can’t seem to remember where on earth I bought it- does anybody know? I’m running low.

16. Jean Hervé’s Whole Almond Butter

Jean Jerve Puree amade complete vegan almond butter france

This almond butter made in France from Jean Hervé is the best I have ever come across! It is smooth, creamy, and the deep flavour of the almond is unparalleled. It’s so good, you can literally eat it out of the tub with a tablespoon when you’re craving that dessert! The only thing is prices have gone up considerably due to price of produce + inflation I imagine. Try to get the value (bigget

Use it to amp. up your porridge and toast game to the next level!

vegan snack idea almond butter banana toast

Available at most organic (bio) stores

17. Alpro Skyr

alpro skyr vegan france

If you’ve ever visited Iceland, then you know that the Icelanders can’t live without their skyr.

This vegan skyr from Alpro contains no sugar and is an excellent source of protein.

Available at Leclerc, Carrefour and Monoprix.

18. Violife Greek White Block (Blanc Grec)

violife blanc grec vegan greek cheese feta france

While not crumbly, this block of Greek white vegan cheese from Violife is delicious topped on salads, sandwiches, and in soup. 

I’ve used it below to make a simple salad with french vinaigrette. Delish!

Available at Carrefour and specialized vegan stores.

19. Nurishh Cheese Slices (Tranches Végétal Classique)

nurishh tranches vegetales classiques vegan cheese france

These cheese slices are gluten-free and contain calcium and vitamin b12.

They melt well, and the taste is not too overpowering. They are delicious inside sandwiches and burgers.

Available at Monoprix

20. Love Raw Cream Wafer Bar (White Chocolate)

Love Raw cream wafer bar white cho vegan france

The hazelnut and almond filling is a dream combined with the vegan white chocolate. There is also no palm oil listed in the ingredients. So delish!

Available in specialized vegan stores

21. Lidl Vemondo Vegan Tortelloni

lidl vegan tortelloni with tomato and basil france

This vegan tortelloni with tomato and basil from Lidl is delicious and cooks in only 3-4 minutes.

It’s tasty, well-seasoned, and makes for a great on the go meal.

lidl vegan tortelloni with tomato and basil france recipe

“Le seul bemol”- it’s not a permanent product and is only available in Lidle France during their vegan week -.- Can someone just make these permanent already?

22. Lidl Vemondo Passion Fruit & Mango Mousse

lidl vegan passion fruit and mango mousse

I was so pleasantly surprised by this vegan mousse from Lidl which is delicious. You can taste the acidity of the passion fruit and mango and the mousse texture is a dream.

Has anyone tried the Vemondo fruit balls?

lidl vegan passion fruit and mango mousse

Tested on a non-vegan and they loved it.

[OK but why does this sound like I tested it on a non-vegan human lab rat in an actual lab. Does not sound very vegan. I guess I meant to say “tested with a non-vegan”] There much better ^_^ I suppose I’ll keep it there for the laughs.

« Le ridicule ne tue pas »

The only thing is that it contains palm oil. Hope they replace it soon- we can do better.

Only available in Lidl France- not permanent only during their vegan week

23. Jardin Bio’s Pure Peanut Butter (Beurre de Cacahuète)

Jardin bio pur beurre de cacahuete vegan organic peanut butter france

This smooth organic vegan peanut butter has no added sugar and palm oil. It’s delicious, high in protein and is a great source of fibre. Smooth it on toast, in your porridge or use it for baking.

Available at Lidl, Carrefour and most vegan specialized stores

24. Magnum Vegan Almond

Magnum Vegan almond ice cream France

I couldn’t end this list of vegan food in French supermarkets without the Magnum Vegan Almond ice cream. A creamy ice cream base covered with vegan chocolate and almonds. A super experience that is delicious and 100% dairy-free.

I did find these became smaller and I could have sworn they were previously sold in packs of 4.

Available at Monoprix & specialized vegan stores

Where to Buy Vegan Food/Groceries in France:

  • Greenweez.com (I buy all my vegan staples here (lentils, beans, oats)- their prices are more affordable than stores). Use promo code: BIENVENUE24 for 5-10 off your first order.
  • Naturalia- you can find their stores nearly in every city in France. They have a selection of vegan food.
  • Mon Epicerie Paris: a small 100% vegan store in Paris
  • Vegami- they previously had a physical store in Paris I would go to but they closed.

What are your MUST vegan grocery store products you can’t live without in France?

Have you booked your train journey?

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