DOPE Facts about Lyon you’d be a FOOL Not to Know

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Here are some dope facts about Lyon you probably didn’t know about.

Facts about Lyon

The Bateaux Mouches are from Lyon

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Did you know that those scenic river cruises you see in Paris, known as the Bateaux Mouches actually originated in Lyon? Yup yup. The elegant riverboats, which have become synonymous, with Seine River cruises in Paris were actually first introduced here in Lyon.

Lyon is the Capitale of the Gauls

facts about lyon lugdunum roman

Speaking facts about Lyon, it was considered the Capital of the Gauls. It was called Lugdunum, which translates to “the hill” or “the fortress.” In 43 BC a Roman colony was founded on the Fourvière hill by Munatius Plancus and established as the capital of the Lyonnaise province.

It eventually became the city in Gaul and this is just one of the many facts about Lyon that make it such a fascinating place.

That’s why Lyon is referred to as the capital of the Gauls.

The Statue of Liberty and Fountain of Terreaux Share the Same Creator

facts about lyon fountain of terreaux

Both the Statue of Liberty and Lyons stunning Fountain of Terreaux share the same creator – Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi. This talented artist crafted both these landmarks.

The Legend of the Rhône Crocodile:

Lyon, with its enchanting rivers, the Rhône and Saône holds secrets. One of the tales involves a crocodile that was allegedly sighted in the Rhône. The story goes back to 1745 when an escaped crocodile from a ship anchored in Marseille made its way up the Rhône River all the way to Lyon. It eventually found refuge beneath an arch of the Guillotière Bridge, where it was chilling.

Tête d’Or Park & Central Park are Long Lost Twins:

Lyons Tête d’Or Park and New Yorks Central Park share a bond as if they were lost twins. Among the lesser-known facts about Lyon is the remarkable similarity between Tête d’Or Park in Lyon and New York’s Central Park. Both parks were completed around the same time in 1857. I love these park in the middle of the city where you can escape the hustle and bustle and enjoy the green space. Having a green space is so important and Lyon’s Tete d’Or is stunning.

Cinema was Born in Lyon:

Lyon holds a place in cinema history as it is considered the birthplace of cinema itself. It is here that the Lumière Brothers, Auguste and Louis were born and credited with inventing the motion picture camera and projector. In 1895 they showcased to the world what movies were about.

If you can make sure to visit the Lumiere Museum. It’s small but a must. I loved learning about all early cinema and photography.

The “String of Dead” Funicular Was Used to Transport the Dead

The Saint Paul funicular, known as the “String of the Dead ” was a railway, in Lyon that transported coffins and mourners up to the Loyasse Cemetery situated at the top of Fourvière.

The “Eiffel Tower” of Lyon

If you haven’t already you’ve probably spotted an Eiffel Tower tower perched on a hill in Lyon, France. It’s called the Fourvière Tower, and it’s kind of like Lyon’s mini Eiffel Tower. This tower was built in 1892 for a big world’s fair. You used to be able to go up for a view of the city. However, it was closed in the 50’s. Bummer.

Lyon means Biz:

Lyon has the headquarters of Interpol, a police network and EuroNews a major international news channel. Did you know that 66% of visits to Lyon are for business purposes while 34% are for leisure tourism?

The Author of The Little Prince is from Lyon

petit prince shop vieux lyon the little prince

Lyon is birthplace of Antoine de Saint Exupéry, the author of “Le Petit Prince.” He was born in Lyon and remains a literary figure, for the city. It’s Lyon’s little literary gem. That’s why the airport is called Saint- Exupery and you will see Petit Prince in little boutiques everywhere.

When I was in Lyon, I visited a temporary expo of the Petit Prince Expo at the Sucrerie with replicas of the petit prince and items belonging to Saint- Exupery like his notebook and personal belongings.

In New York, Saint-Exupery would hang out with A-list actors and artists like Salvador Dali, Charlie Chaplin and Marlene Dietrich. They had a table with all their engraved names when they used to hang out at the studio.

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