Lyon City Card: Do I Think It’s Worth it?

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If you’ve been following me, you probably know by now that Lyon is one of my top favorite cities in France. I’ve been there at least 4 times, and never tire of exploring it.

Lyon Travel Checklist

Are you ready for your trip to Lyon? Check this off your list. Did you book your:

If you’re heading there, the Lyon City Card can be a great way to slash your travel expenses in half.

You get to check out 27 museums, hop on any bus, metro, tram, or funicular whenever you want, and even join guided tours. The best part? No need to take out your credit card – it’s all covered in the card. Plus, you get special discounts on concerts like at the Lyon Opera as well as shopping discounts.

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Lyon City Card Price (2024)

(prices below without airport transfer):

  • 48h: €39.00
  • 72h: €49.00
  • 96h: €59.00

Grab your Lyon City Card before your trip to Lyon.

What’s Included in the Lyon City Card

The Lyon City Card gives you free access to 27 museums, temporary exhibitions, and a multitude of activities:

  • 27 Free Museums and Expos
  • Unlimited access to public transport (metro, funicular, tram, bus)
  • Free Guided tour provided by ONLYLYON Tourism
  • Free Leisure cruises
  • Savings, shopping, and special offers (for ex. Galeries Lafayette personal shopper services + tote bag freebie)
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Free Museum Entry with the Lyon City Card

  • Musée des Confluences
  • Les Bateaux Lyonnais – Boat cruises
  • Fine Arts Museum
  • Museum of the History of Lyon – Gadagne Museums
  • The Museum of Printing and Graphic Communication
  • Cinema and Miniature Museum
  • Lugdunum – Gallo- Roman Museum

See the full list here!

Here’s an Example of How Much you Can Save with the Lyon City Card:

My Sample Itinerary:

Day 1: You’re visiting Lyon for the first time. You decide to start off with a tour of View Lyon (Old town) and its secret traboules passages.

You then head to the Cinema and Miniature Museum- situated in the heart of the city. You’ll be able to admire very cool museum props and miniatures. You can find the costume Danny Devito wore as the Joker in Batman among other cool props. (me as a kid: this is what nightmares are made of).

You stop for lunch and then you’re off to enjoy a beautiful cruise on the Saone river.

facts about lyon-bateaux mouche

Day 2: You start off at the Musee Confluence. I really recommend this one- it was one of my favs. They have a permanent collection of geology, animals and temporary expos that change up. Also one of the best view points of Lyon is at the top of their museum café. The view is stunning here.

You then head to the Parc des Tetes D’Or- literally a green nature space in the middle of the city. I loved visiting the plant houses and strolling around this massive parc. Not sure how I feel but there’s also a free zoo where you can see giraffes (if that’s your thing). Otherwise, you can take a paddle boat and relax in the middle of the lake.

After your nature walk head to the MAC- Lyon’s Contemporary Art Museum- right on the outskirts of the parc. They tend to change up the expos so it’s always interesting to see what’s on next.

*Prices reflect when this article was written and may differ in the future.

Day 1Without City CardWith City Card
Guided tour of Vieux-Lyon and its traboules13.00€Included
Cinema and Miniature Museum16.90€Included
Sightseeing cruise on the Saône15.00€Included
Unlimited access to public transport6.70€Included
TOTAL Day 151.60€ 
Day 2  
Admission to Musée des Confluences12.00€Included
Admission to Modern Art Museum (MAC)9.00€Included
Unlimited access to public transport6.70€Included
TOTAL (2 Days)79.30€39€

As you can see on Day 1 your 48 hour card has already payed for itself and you’ve saved 40€- it’s a no-brainer.

Top tip: I definitely recommend to plan out what you want to see beforehand in advance- then calculate with actual ticket prices. Most of the time the Lyon City Card will pay off itself.

Note: If you’re less than 18 years old or a student, you can buy the reduced Lyon City Card for children or students. You’ll have to buy it in person at the tourist office on Place Bellecour.

The Lyon City Card is For You If:

  • You’re a Budget-conscious traveler looking to save money
  • You’re a Museum lover with a ton of museums to check off your list.
  • You’re a First-time visitor wanting to experience all of Lyon’s best places
  • You’re a time-cruncher on a tight schedule and want to visit the most important places easily with no headache

The Lyon City Card is Not For You If:

  • You’re not a museum or monument person
  • You’re more focused on food and free activities
  • You’re a traveler looking for a more relaxed, unplanned itinerary
  • You’ve already seen Lyon

Is Lyon City Card Worth It?

I definitely think so. The Lyon City Card is a smart investment for anyone exploring Lyon. It gives you great value by giving access to the most important museums, unlimited use of public transport, and exclusive discounts on events.

Whether you’re a budget-conscious traveler or a first-time visitor wanting to make the most of your Lyon experience, it’s def. a super convenient and cost-effective way to explore the city.

It’ll allow you to slash your travel expenses so that you can spend more getting memorabilia or a high end present (for yourself). Because you know treat yo’ self.

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