20 Hidden Gems & SECRET Places you NEED to See in Montpellier

Hidden Gems in Montpellier I love adventuring off the beaten track and discovering hidden gems and secret places whenever I travel. Montpellier is pretty grand when it comes to cool secret places. In French there is a word- “insolite“- it doesn’t have a direct translation in English. But it basically means “unusual” or “peculiar”. It […]

Is Montpellier Worth Visiting in the South of France? 14 Reasons Why it Should be on Your List!

If you’re wondering is Montpellier worth visiting? The answer is a big yes. Montpellier is up there on my list of top 5 places to visit in France. I’ve visited twice and I’VE NEVER BEEN bored. It’s an amazing city with so much to explore. 14 Reasons Why Montpellier is Worth Visiting # Charming Cobblestone […]

25+ Best Vegan Food in French Supermarkets you Need to Get Your Hands on Now

Vegan in France Although you might not think of France as a vegan haven for dairy-free and meatless groceries right away, there has been a surge in products aimed at vegetarian and vegan consumers. I am optimistic that the vegan market in France is growing, and you will see more and more vegan grocery store […]

Essential Guide: 25+ Best Things to Do in Montpellier (South of France) for an Unforgettable Trip [with map]

Heading to Provence and searching for the best things to do in Montpellier? Montpellier is one of those cities that blew me away when I first visited. I was not expecting such a Mediterranean vibe. I was met with palm trees in the streets, beaches, and a laid-back vibe that reminded me of places like […]

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